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A Holiday PSA from Me

Yes, the holidays have sneaked up yet again. As the season of irritants swings into gear, there are lots of things that get to us. Shopping, family, long lines. Many things upset us this time of year, but here are a few things to consider when we feel ourselves getting piqued:

  1. When shopping, remember that the retail clerk behind the counter isn’t responsible for the store’s inventory ordering. It’s not their fault that they ran out of the season’s hot gift.

  2. When eating dinner in a restaurant, remember that while the in-laws eating habits are frustrating, it’s not the wait staff’s fault. They are probably just as stressed with their own families, so give them a break.

  3. When standing in line at the post office to mail those holiday gifts, remember that it’s not the postal workers’ fault that they are understaffed and that the lines are long. They’d probably be very happy to have more help, too.

Seasons greetings to all my friends and family in the service industry. You’ll all get through this. Trust me.

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